4400 Founders And Counting: MWR Life Founders Opportunity End 3/15/16

Last week MWR Life had a conference call with VP of Marketing Darryl Roberts, Director of Communications Maria Roberts,and Executive VP Bill Hoffmann. They made some very exciting and important announcements about the company.

The first announcement regarded the Founder’s Program. At this point, there are 4,400 MWR Life Founders. Obviously this does not include other MWR Life resellers who are not Founders.  The goal is to have 5,000. Obviously we are close to that goal so there is a time limit set on becoming a Founder. That ability to become a Founder ENDS 3/15/3016!

Being a Founder has it’s benefits. Some of which are privae coaching calls, VIP seating at events and MWR Life Training Academy Certification ( $200 Value ) anf last but not least the ability to get profit sharing each quarter.

That is every quarter MWR Life will be sharing 5 percent of the entire net profits with all of the Qualified Platinum Founder Resellers in MWR Life. As the company grows, that 5% Profit Sharing pool GROWS!

The Founders position will never be available to any Resellers after that date ever again to prevent from diluting the value of the Founders Program.

Also, we’re going to be receiving our 1st profit share bonus this April 2016!!!!


Become An MWR Life Founders
Become An MWR Life Founders


MWR Life Founders Program

Consider, really consider the people who started out at the very beginning in companies that became Billion Dollar Companies or who invested in companies before they really exploded into Billion Dollar Companies.  Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Uber and Snapchat…..where are they NOW?

The Profit Sharing is on top of the LUCRATIVE Compensation Plan of MWR Life.  That is what you will see in the video below

You have that same opportunity to become apart of a company that is on track to become a Billion Dollar company in a 14 Trillion Dollar Service Based Industry in the US alone!!

We are already in Canada with other countries on the horizon!  That is called expansion.

The next announcement had to do with the Platinum Package. And by the way you have to join at the Platinum Level in order to become a Founder. What MWR Life has done to the Platinum Package is INCREASE it’s value to what is called the Platinum FREEdom Package! This is a $1,488 value for only $499!


MWR Life Platinum Freedom Pack
MWR Life Platinum Freedom Pack


It includes your 1st month biz center fee of $30 and your choice of Life Essentials ($49.97/mo), Lifestyle Advantage ($49.97/mo), or the bundle pack that includes both Life Essentials & Lifestyle Advantage ($89.97/mo) for free for 30 days!!!

In addition to getting your 1st month’s subscription fees waived , you will also receive 10 vouchers that allows you to give out to your potential customers to waive their 1st month fees of any service they choose to get; Life Essentials, Lifestyle Advantage, Vehicle Repair Assists Plus , and/or our Electronics Protection Plan (Vehicle Repair and Electronics Protection each only $29.97/mo).

Give a listen to an interview of the CEO and President of MWR Life, Mr. Yoni Ashrov and tell me what you like about the direction of MWR Life!

Also, you want to know about the effect of the MWR Life services on people’s live? Check this out!

And the effect they have on how they save money on the household budget, just follow the link.

There are a number of ways to have MWR Life WORK for you as a residual income opportunity.  Take a look around the blog, gather your questions.  Fill out the box to the right, contact me for your answers!

But remember, there is a limited time to maximize this position!



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