Considering Surge 365 As A Business Opportunity? Read This First..

Surge 365 is a great company to consider for a business opportunity and has been around for a bit. Which is good! And if you decide to go with Surge 365 as your business opportunity,I wish you all the luck in the world to make your dreams come true.

But I urge you to consider some points that I will outline below before you join Surge 365. You may want to join MWR Life as your business opportunity.

  1. Broader Services
  2. Timing And Positioning
  3. Management Team
  4. Compensation Plan
  5. Profit Sharing




Surge 365
Surge 365


Considering Surge 365 As A Business Opportunity?

Read This First…


1. Broader Services
The travel industry is a very large industry to create a business within. The travel industry is a multi-billion dollar sector of the economy. Surge 365 chose a great industry to build a business, but what would you think if you added other multi-billion dollar industries like shopping, dining and entertainment? As well as electronics, auto repair, legal assistance, tax services, telemedicine, world wide medical evacuation and much more? Would a broader service line up be a better business model to create a residual income opportunity?  Of course it would and this is what MWR Life is committed to, to help save money on the household budget including travel!

2.Timing and Positioning
What about a NEW company that already has a proven track record of growth and success in saving money for people in the US and Canada? We opened up Canada in October of 2015 and experienced great growth.

Canada is not the only country that we have our eyes on to expand the business and the money savings to households all around the world.

This takes into consideration that we currently have 5,000 independent resellers, which gives us plenty of room to grow and expand. There won’t be a better time to position yourself with MWR Life to gain the benefits before the masses grab hold of these services and opportunity!


3.Management Team
It is really best if you watch the video below, presented by the Executive VP of MWR Life, Mr. Bill Hoffman.

Here is an interview of the Founder and CEO of MWR Life, Mr Yoni Ashurov. You can hear the intent of this business model.

Here you can see exactly how the services of MWR Life has a positive effect on the household budget,


4. Compensation Plan
For one it has a $500 GUARANTEED residual income for creating a organization of 3 who get 3 qualified Resellers. Help thos 3 build 3 each and you would be GUARANTEED $500 monthly income for helping to build that,

Also has a 25% Matching Bonus on ALL your personally sponsored qualified resellers. Both daily and monthly pay!

And the MWR Life Luxury Vehicle Club!  You just have to see it to believe it!  It gives YOU CHOICES!

And last but not least a $1,000 Builder Bonus for every 6 Qualified Platinum Resellers that join the business ANYWHERE in your open lines in your organization. Paid daily!

The compensation plan of MWR Life is extremely lucrative!  Here’s the MWR Life Compensation PDF and when you compare it to Surge 365, you will find it to simpler to achieve and VERY lucrative, even more so!


5. Profit Sharing
MWR Life offers a 5% Profit Sharing Pool for ALL Qualified Platinum Resellers. This is on top of the very lucrative compensation plan. I would consider that to be a very important financial benefit to consider!

This is what is offered by MWR Life as an immediate and residual income opportunity. I URGE you to do a real comparison between Surge 365 and MWR Life for your business opportunity.

These are the major points that should be considered before you join Surge 365.  Look around the blog and get your questions lined up and contact me for your answers.


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