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MWR Life Electronics Protection
MWR Life Electronics Protection

MWR Life Electronics Protection

How To Protect ALL Of Your Consumer Electronics Like Never Before….



So what do I mean? I mean being able to have ALL of your consumer electronics and equipment protected by the MWR Life Electronics Protection to the point where if they fail or accidentally damaged they will be REPAIRED, REPLACED or REFUNDED! Let me explain……

I am sure that you have gone to a big box store and bought all kinds of different consumer electronics like Flat Screen TV’s, Blu-Ray DVD Players, Digital Cameras, Home Theater Systems, Telephones, Gaming Systems, Smartphones, Vacuum Cleaners, Kitchen Electrics and the list goes on and on.

When you get to the register and purchase your items, they always present you the offer to buy the extended warranty on the product. It seems like a smart idea to get that added protection, so you purchase it for 1 to 3 years. This should give you some peace of mind and security that if the product fails or is accidentally damaged, you can get it repaired or maybe even replaced.



The MWR Life Electronics Protection Plan

I don’t know about you, but I have done that and the product fails for some reason. I go to that drawer where I keep all the receipts and those little folders they gave with the extended warranty. When I find the right warranty, I come to find out that the warranty has expired.

Surprise!! Now I have a piece of junk that does not work. I have no choice but to either repair it or replace it out of my pocket.

So I have paid, depending upon the item, up to a couple hundred dollars, really for nothing!



Well what if you could protect ALL of the items above and more, ALL of your consumer electronics, with an extended warranty that never ends?

Meaning whenever that consumer electronic fails or is accidentally damaged, it can be REPAIRED, REPLACED or REFUNDED!

Past (All purchases within the last 4 years), Present and Future Purchases. Brand New or Refurbished!

Guaranteed and Insured !

All of your household electronics under ONE WARRANTY, replacing multiple warranties for ALL these products – Past, Present and Future purchases with NO EXPIRATION. ALL GUARANTEED and INSURED to be REPAIRED, REPLACED or REFUNDED!  Brand new or refurbished!

This SAVES YOU MONEY because you are not buying multiple extended warranties for each product bought that you might not ever use!

No one else does that.  It is UNIQUE!




Hear the nuts and bolts of the MWR Life Electronics Protection.  Great info!


See how easy it is to register ALL your electronics in your home!

Insured by Llyod’s Of London, A- or better AM Best rated and A rated BBB insurance companies in ALL 50 states, with over 10,000 service centers across the US!

There are over 700,000 Matrix Protected customers across the country saving money with peace of mind!

Getting your item repaired or replaced under warranty is pretty self explanatory, but think about the REFUND

This is the kind of protection that you get with MWR Life Electronics Protection.


The Matrix Corporate Offices Tour


MWR Life is the marketing arm of The Matrix Protection Plan. The Matrix Protection Plan, gives you the ability to protect ALL of your households consumer electronics that were purchased up to 4 years ago of your Matrix Warranty date, current and future purchases of household electronics.

Because the MWR Life Electronics Protection is backed by an A- rated AM BEST insurance company, which means it is financial very stable, you can warranty your electronics with confidence and peace of mind.

ALL covered in ONE protection plan for a low monthly price!
Here you can see the terms of service


And by the way, there is an residual income opportunity associated with MWR Life!

This saves you a ton of money in the long run because there is no warranty expiration! YOU don’t have to REPAIR or REPLACE out of YOUR pocket! Plus you do NOT have to keep buying warranties at check out when you buy another electronics item!

Imagine ALL of your electronics…..brand new or refurbished!

Alarm Clocks, Cameras and Camcorders (Analog and Digital),
Computers(Desktop, Laptop and Tablets), Home Audio Components (Non-Portable: Amplifiers,CD Players, CD Changers, CD Players/Recorders, CD Recorders, Equalizers,Receivers, Tuners), Home Speakers, Home Theater in a Box, Home Video Products (DVD Players, TV/DVD Combos, Digital Video Recorders,Digital Satellite Systems,HDTV Receivers), Kitchen Electrics (Blenders, Mixers, Coffee Makers) MP3 Players, Portable Electronics (PDA’s, Satellite Radios, GPS, DVD Players, Telephones, Cell Phones, Smartphones), Radar Detectors, Boom Boxes, All TVs (CRT Projections, CRT Televisions, Front Projectors (excluding lamps), LCD Flat Panels, Plasma), Vacuum Cleaners.

….being covered under ONE warranty that doesn’t expire! No more drawers full of separate warranties that expire at some point of time.

Imagine NOT having the SURPRISE of expired warranties, just when you need them. Imagine the savings of no more OUT OF POCKET repairs or replacement!

Real peace of mind, real money savings!

If you want to find out more about the service for yourself, fill out the box to the right and I will walk you through.



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