MWR Life Freedom Bonus

MWR Life Freedom Bonus
Freedom Bonuses are one-time bonuses that are earned
when Gold or Platinum QRs in your group counts reach
certain levels. Each leg of your group may count towards
one-third of your overall QR requirements and these
requirements must sustain for 2 consecutive months. See
(D) Freedom Bonus for details.



MWR Life Freedom Bonus
MWR Life Freedom Bonus



MWR Life Freedom Bonus
MWR Life Freedom Bonus





But this is only PART of the  extremely lucrative MWR Life Compensation Plan

MWR Life offers a life-changing compensation model that rewards Independent Resellers substantially for their hard work. Simply enroll a few customers and develop a team that does the same, and watch what happens to your income!

There are other components to the compensation plan like Drive For 525% Check Match, the Freedom Bonus, the $500 3 and 3 Guarantee and the fantastic 3 and Free Program.  Plus of course the GREAT MWR Life Luxury Vehicle Club! And YES there is more!

I urge you to take a look at the MWR Life Comp Plan PDF and look around the blog.   Especially what is MWR Life and the business overview and how this becomes a residual income opportunity.

The services of MWR Life have such a money saving effect on the household budget and that is why it will have a huge impression in the market place around the world.

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