MWR LIFE Vehicle Repair Assist Plus


MWR LIFE Vehicle Repair Assist Plus is a service that not only gives you peace of mind but saves you money to boot! It has a ton of benefits that can’t be ignored!

So how does MWR LIFE Vehicle Repair Assist Plus save you money? Simple! It is a jam packed with valuable services that most people want and use ALL at a value price.

MWR LIFE Vehicle Repair Assist Plus also gives you peace of mind and saves you time and frustrations because it is only a phone call away in times of those emergencies.

MWR Life Vehicle Repair Assist Plus is backed by Road America.  Road America, since 1978, has set the standard for providing assistance services in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Road America  provides consistently high quality assistance services to more than 21 million valued customers of our 120 major corporate clients.

Here you can see the terms and conditions.

MWR Life Vehicle Repair Assist Plus is cheaper than a warranty and covers more people and states.  It also has NO DEDUCTIBLE! All for only $29.97 per month. It can also cover additional family vehicles for 14.97 additional per month

MWR LIFE Vehicle Repair Assist Plus Benefits

Knowledge and experience whenever and wherever you need it.
Access to ASE-Certified Vehicle Technicians who can answer all of
your vehicle repair questions and provide unbiased advice.

Mechanical failure diagnosis and/or help finding a qualified and
trust-worthy repair facility. Our expert advocates will speak to a
repair facility on your behalf to ensure fair analysis and estimates
are performed.

If there cannot be a meeting of the minds, then your vehicle will be towed,                                                         FREE OF CHARGE to a repair facility where the repair and price have                                                     already been negotiated!  Saving you MORE money than you would have                                                   paid with the first repair shop!

We will pay for 20% of approved repairs, no questions asked. It’s in
our best interest to ensure we get you the best price possible. And
best of all, there is NO deductible or service charge.

No matter what the issue, be it mechanical, accidental or
otherwise… our dispatchers will be there, 24 hours a day, to help
with all emergencies. Whether you need a jump start, get locked
out, need help changing a flat tire or a tow – we’ll be there for you.

A $1,000 reward will be paid for information leading to the arrest
and conviction of anyone who steals your covered vehicle. A
significant number of stolen autos are reclaimed through the help
of an eyewitness to the crime.

Get assistance and savings when purchasing automobiles, cruises,
hotels, movies, travel, rentals, groceries and more!   You save up to 50%  on hotel stays and receive discounts on car rentals, theme parks, cruises, dining, leading retailers, and much more through Road America.

You’ll also get reimbursement of emergency travel expenses and on-demand live
voice navigation


MWR Life Vehicle Repair Assist Plus Deep Discounts
MWR Life Vehicle Repair Assist Plus Deep Discounts

If you would like the registration fee of $30 waived go to this Facebook page and LIKE the page. Write in the status update “I want the code” and I will give it to you.




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