MWR LifeStyle Advantage

MWR Life Presents MWR LifeStyle Advantage

MWR Lifestyle Advantage
MWR Lifestyle Advantage


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MWR LifeStyle Advantage



$500 Travel Savings Each Month

Imagine having $500 in Travel Savings Dollars added to a travel savings bank each and every month. That’s $6,000 per year in travel credits that you can apply towards both business travel and amazing vacations for you and your family. It’s like having your own private travel booking site backed by a “110% Price Savings Guarantee”, so you’ll never pay more than you would if you had booked through any other public travel website. To top it off, your Travel Savings Dollars are then applied on top of your already guaranteed lowest price, yielding incredible prices on travel all around the world!

Whether you enjoy weekend getaways, cruises or exotic vacations, with MWR Lifestyle Advantage program, you can now afford to travel like you’ve always wanted to. Just search for the hotel or resort you’re looking for and your savings will be deducted from your savings bank balance.

Over 400,000 hotel deals
110% best price guarantee
Great rates and great availability
No black-out dates
Conveniently Book Online 24/7

Your unused portion each month, up to and including $500, rolls over and accumulates!

MWR Lifestyle Advantage
MWR Lifestyle Advantage


$250 Shopping & Dining Each Month

Enjoy $250 in Shopping & Dining Dollars each month on local activities and services like dining out, dry cleaning, tanning, car washes, driving ranges, movie tickets or ice cream. Or choose to use your Shopping & Dining Dollars towards national name brand restaurants like TGI Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays, Chili’s, McDonalds, Subway or Dunkin’ Donuts.

The MWR Lifestyle Advantage Program doesn’t stop there – use your $250 Shopping & Dining Dollars each month on a over 4,000 shopping options, 20,000 movie theaters and over 150 gift card options. Free up cash in your monthly budget, saving on everyday purchases around town and nationwide.

Over 300,000 local deals
Over 70,000 Popular Restaurants
Over 20,000 Movie Theaters
Over 4,000 Shopping Options
Over 150 Gift Card Option

Your unused portion each month, up to and including $250, rolls over and accumulates!


MWR Lifestyle Advantage
MWR Lifestyle Advantage


$100 Grocery Coupons Each Month

Last year, billions of dollars worth of grocery coupons went unused. The MWR Lifestyle Advantage program allows you to save big on your groceries. Our grocery coupon program is full of great ways to help you save, starting with $100 in clipped grocery coupons of your choice every month, clipped and shipped right to your home. In addition we have a massive inventory of printable coupons with no savings limit.

Coupons are updated each and every day to ensure you get the best and most up to date choices and with 24/7 access to great savings, you can begin adding real dollars to your grocery budget each and every month.

$100 in coupons each month
Clipped and shipped directly to you
Great brands to choose from
Bonus printable coupons
And much more!



Here you can get MWR LifeStyle Advantage if in the United States.

In Canada, you can get MWR LifeStyle Advantage at this ink.

There is a $30 one-time registration fee and then a $39.97 monthly fee for the service.

If you would like the registration fee waived go to this Facebook page and LIKE the page.  Write in the status update “I want the code” and I will give it to you.


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