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MWR Life Is The HOW To Realize Your WHY!


MWR Life
MWR Life



Profit Sharing Is Available BUT will become a bit harder to qualify January 1, 2016!  IF you become qualified by December 31, 2015 by 11:59 PM, you would be qualified for the ENTIRE year of 2016. That would be 4 profit sharing checks each quarter of 2016

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Become A Qualified Founder
Become A Qualified Founder

Qualifications for Profit Sharing CHANGE January 1, 2016 to where you have to qualify each quarter, as opposed to being qualified for the WHOLE YEAR of 2016.  That is 4 profit sharing checks! As opposed to MAYBE 4 profit sharing checks IF you qualify.  Which position would YOU want?





MWR Life is a company that offers valuable services at a value price. These services are universally needed and already bought by people all over the world. The difference is that they are offered at a value price and serve the customer better than what is out in the marketplace already. Those services are

Electronics Protection..Where you NEVER have to buy an extended warranty again! And your electronics from 4 years ago to your future purchases are guaranteed to be REPAIRED, REPLACED or REFUNDED!

Vehicle Repair Assist Plus…..Where you get a 20% reimbursement on your vehicle repairs, pus a ton of other benefits!  Better than an extended auto warranty because it covers everything where they DO NOT!

Life Essentials…This is a bundle of 8 services rolled into one! 8 services at an average of $20 at least, per month EACH!  The Life Essentials  bundle is EXTREMELY cost effective! .

LifeStyle Advantage…..Where you can get roll over savings of $500 for travel and $250 for shopping, dining and entertainment. Plus $100 in groceries….EACH every month! Again GREAT VALUE!

These are services that ANY household can use and NEED!

If you take a look at this post on How To Save On Your Household Budget will give you the reason WHY MWR Life will make a SERIOUS impact on the marketplace around the world!


Because we offer these services, and more to come, in the US and now Canada ( we just opened in Canada with our eyes set on other countries); MWR Life presents a long-term residual income opportunity. Why because we are in the service sector of the economy and because they perform so well they have a high rention rate. This creates the long-term residual income.



US Economy Service Sector
US Economy Service Sector


Valuable Services At A Value Price

In 2013, Forbes defined what a “Disruptor” is like Facebook, Google and Uber. These are new “services” that are obviously they are worth BILLIONS! They are worth that much because they changed they way we go about our day to day and many other ways, just like Forbes DISRUPTOR definition.


MWR Life Disruption
MWR Life Disruption


Each of those companies started from nothing and grew to what they are today and are still growing, in many cases. With the MWR Life Residual Income Opportunity, if you understand the S Curve , a well known business strategy and TIMING AND POSITIONING, you will take a hard look at the MWR Life opportunity.

It makes so much sense professional athletes have joined MWR Life!

S Curve Growth v Time
S Curve Growth v Time


Check out the  Business Overview  and it will explain the strategy!  Very IMPORTANT!

ALL of our services are like never seen before. designed to SERVE the CONSUMER, to DO what they say, ALL at a VALUE PRICE!  Consumers love them!

This is the MWR Life 2016 Compensation Plan, so you can see how the money is made.


If you have questions, just fill out the box to the right, contact me and ask!



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